Send any Trigger to external Systems/APIs

For cases, where NDI tally flag trigger or ATEM/vMix remote connections cant be used, you can setup a custom trigger at any given point.

Send trigger via TCP command

If your receiving side is able to understand any custom TCP command, you would setup the remote connection like this:

  1. Setup and activate the Connection in the settings via “Remote Control > Outgoing > TCP Custom”.
  2. You would then create a new Overlay of type “Remote Control” and insert your custom TCP command there.
  3. (Optional) You would then add the Overlay to any point in the Playlist, e.g. on Clip 1 of a new Block via “Right Click Clip > Overlays”.

As a result the TCP command will be send at the given time in the playlist or when you press the overlay button.

Send trigger via JavaScript

If your receiving side is a custom API or needs special formatting, you would need to setup your own script for this:

  1. Create a new Overlay of type “Webpage / HTML File”.
  2. Use JavaScript in your HTML File to embed any custom command. A good examle would be a NodeJS server sending customized TCP commands.

Send trigger via API (WebSockets)

If you want the current PLAYDECK status in your script, you can use our API:

  1. Create a new Overlay of type “HTML Templates”.
  2. For an Introduction on how to use the API, click on “Main Menu > Settings > Scripting > How to create Scripts”
  3. Modify any Sample (duplicate it) or create your own Script