Easy Highlights Editing: Recording with Edit-While-Ingest Functionality

Creating match highlights for a football game or best-of scenes from an event has never been easier: In the Studio Edition, PLAYDECK provides a recording channel and another playback channel in addition to the two output channels for the playlist. On top of outputting videos from the playlist, you can record an incoming video signal and create any clips from the recording while recording is in progress.

Of course, all editing functions can be operated via keyboard shortcuts, as you know from your NLE editing program. All clips can be subsequently edited, moved to one of the two playlist channels, and even exported to a finished video.

Various codecs are available for recording, so you can set the optimal parameters for you.

Useful additional features such as the Timeline Reset (this sets the timeline to 00:00:00 at the beginning of the show, for example) or the Timeline Offset (this sets the timeline to 45:00:00 at the start of the second half of a football match) make PLAYDECK a very easy-to-use and comfortable highlights editing system for your live production.

Find out for yourself: All the functions of the Studio Edition are unlocked for you in the free and unlimited trial version of PLAYDECK!