Closed Captions

“Closed captions” refers to the insertion of text information into a video image to provide viewers with a transcripton of dialogues or sound effects, for example. The subtitles are synchronised with the video image. In contrast to “open captions”, closed captions can be switched on or off as desired.
PLAYDECK supports the two standards CEA-608 and CEA-708 and the output via Decklink playout cards as well as AJA, Deltacast and NDI.

Settings for Closed Captions

PLAYDECK offers three different ways to handle closed captions:
These can either be embedded in the output only (variant 1), displayed on the previews in addition to being embedded (variant 2) or permanently displayed on all outputs (variant 3).
You can set the desired behaviour in this drop-down field.

In this area, you can set the closed caption standard used and set the desired display formatting.