Applying Audio Delay

Let’s say you need to send your signal to an external mixer, where channels 1+2 are the original channels with video/audio lipsync. In addition channels 1+2 are duplicated to channels 3+4 and are send with an audio delay of 600ms. … Read More

Create Video Engine Snapshot

This article will show how to create a snapshot of the Video Engine for us to analyze. 1. Download and Install Please download this Tool called “Snapshot.exe”: Please start the executable once to make sure, it starts without issues, before … Read More

Create Video Engine Logs

This article will show how to enable detailed logs for us to analyze. 1. Enable Logging In PLAYDECK goto Advanced Settings and activate “Video Engine Logging”. PLAYDECK will now ask you to restart. Note: You need at least PLAYDECK in … Read More

Inserting SCTE-35 Marker

SCTE Marker are mainly used to insert Ads into the Video Output by signalling the Receiver (e.g. Streaming Server) at what time to insert Ads and with what Duration. This allows 3rd Party Systems to dynamically pick Ads from a … Read More


Unable to start PLAYDECK Clip Playout Problems Overlay or Playlist Problems Connected Hardware and 3rd Party Apps

Setup DVS – Dante Virtual Soundcard

DVS stands for Dante Virtual Soundcard. Once installed it simulates up to 8 Audio Devices (16 Channels) in Windows as WDM Driver. Those Channels can be transferred seperatly via LAN (Ethernet) to any compatible receiver, which is most likely a … Read More

Recording Format

In the Studio Edition, PLAYDECK allows you to record an incoming video signal and create clips from this signal while the recording is still in progress (edit-while-ingest). Alternatively, the recorded video signal can be played back with any time delay … Read More

Closed Captions and Subtitles

“Closed captions” refers to the insertion of text information into a video image to provide viewers with a transcripton of dialogues or sound effects, for example. The subtitles are synchronised with the video image. In contrast to “open captions”, closed … Read More

Production Window / Director View

In addition to the output of the two playlist channels, PLAYDECK provides a very convenient view for the director or other crew members: A preview of a single or both playlist channels including the various countdown timers is available for … Read More

Use USB-GPI Interface to activate Playback

We usually use a standard USB serial interface and a miniature relay. It depends a bit on the way your video mixer outputs the tally signals for the control. Usually it is an open-collector circuit. Some devices actually short-circuit two … Read More

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