Remote Control Playlist 2 via Playlist 1 events

Sometimes the SYNC feature isn’t enough to have simultaneous playback and the operator wants to setup more complex ways of automation between the playlists. This can be done by setting PLAYDECK to remote control itself. Sending Commands to anywhere in … Read More

Install PLAYDECK on Amazon EC2

PLAYDECK supports most Amazon EC2 server instances and the NVidia GPU Power they provide. This allows you to setup a cloud based infrastructure for NDI transport or other purposes. Quick start instruction There is a quick start guide by Amazon, … Read More

Use Playlist 2 as alpha channel over Playlist 1

This can be achieved via any supported output card, which supports internal keying.For this example we use the “Decklink Duo 2”. In PLAYDECK this sample will look like this: Configure Decklink for Internal Keying Open the Decklink setup utility “Desktop … Read More

PLAYDECK does not start

or PLAYDECK does not load videos If you cannot start PLAYDECK for any other reason, or if PLAYDECK starts but doesnt work at all (not loading any videos), please try one of the solutions below. Do a clean install If … Read More

NDI no video/audio

Driver Issue Please always use the latest update of PLAYDECK, since we update NDI drivers with almost every release. Sometimes the receiving side expects certain (latest) driver. Click HERE to get the latest release. Compatible Settings (Output) Depending on the … Read More

Plans & Pricing

Particularly cost-effectiveor especially flexible?Choose your optimal licensing model Special Licenses If the flexible online licensing model is not perfect for your business,you can also benefit from other licenses, e.g. Dongled Versions. If you are interested or if you need information … Read More

Cloud Based Remote Productions

COVID-19 has given a huge boost to cloud-based remote production. More and more TV production companies rely on virtual OB vans and perform the image mixing online. So it is only logical that the video playout system is also located … Read More

Easy Integration with Playback Remote Control

These days, this is almost standard on a production: various devices communicate with each other and are partially coordinated by a central control computer. PLAYDECK supports several remote-control options, which we’re constantly expanding: Control via Keyboard or Elgato Streamdeck Nearly … Read More

Playback Professional Video Playout Software
Intelligent Special Functions for Video Playout

The small, clever extras are what distinguish a good video playout software from an exceptional one! Who hasn’t had to deal with the following typical situations in everyday production? The Production Window The live show has just started, the first … Read More

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