Create Video Engine Logs

This article will show how to enable detailed logs for us to analyze.

1. Enable Logging

In PLAYDECK goto Advanced Settings and activate “Video Engine Logging”. PLAYDECK will now ask you to restart.

Note: You need at least PLAYDECK in version 3.8b4 to create detailed Video Engine Logs.

2. Reproduction

After restarting now please reproduce the issue. Please note your PCs Date and Time of the issue occuring. Now close PLAYDECK (or use Task Manager to terminate). Do NOT OPEN PLAYDECK again, otherwise the Logs will be lost, as they are being cleaned on every Start to reduce Upload Size.

Note: The shorter the Logs the better, as it is more easy to isolate the issue. Make sure to start PLAYDECK only to reproduce the issue and don’t let PLAYDECK run for a long time.

3. ZIP’ing and Sending the Logs

Create a new ZIP File and add the following Folders:


Note: The ProgramData Folder is hidden in Windows. You have to enter it manually into your File Explorer.

Note: To create a ZIP File in Windows, mark the above Folders with CTRL, then right-click on any marked Folder and select “Compress to ZIP File”.

Upload the ZIP to our Download Server:

After uploading click the COPY Button and send to [email protected]:

– Download Link of your ZIP file
– Date and Time of the occurance of the issue

4. Clean Up

You can now safely delete your ZIP File.

Also make sure to deactive the Setting “Video Engine Logging” in PLAYDECK, as it will slow down your PLAYDECK performance. This setting is not meant to be enabled all the time.

5. (Optional) Video Engine Snapshot

We might also ask you to send us a Video Engine Snapshot, which is described here: