Dual-Output Video Playback

  • Use a variety of file formats and resolutions up to 4K/Ultra HD.
  • For playback, choose professional output cards from e.g. Blackmagic, or a local graphic card output for easy use cases
  • Place a graphic or video file as a continuous background when no clip is playing from the playlist
  • You want to fade in a clip from the background or fade it out into the background? Easily done with the fade function!

Advanced playback functions

  • Use different fade effects for the transition between clips.
  • Skip a clip from the playlist with a simple mouse click.
  • You can play a single clip, multiple clips, or a whole block in the loop.
  • You only want to show the beginning and the end of a clip during a rehearsal? Then use the Jump function with adjustable remaining play time.

Keep control over the progress of your show

  • Use the Schedule Block feature within the playlist to get a countdown to the scheduled start time of each block
  • When selected, receive visual and audible notifications shortly before or when the planned start time is reached
  • The start of your show is delayed? A program point ran faster than expected? No worries, Playdeck automatically adjusts the planned start times of the following blocks, if desired.

Inform your crew about the state of affairs

  • Keep your colleagues up-to-date via the Production Window
  • Time, remaining time, preview window of the output channels, and upcoming clips can be taken in at a glance
  • The output of the Production Window is easily done via the extended desktop


Recording with edit-while-ingest functionality

  • Conveniently record an incoming camera mix.
  • Cut your favorite scenes while still recording.
  • Immediately send your clips to the playlist and make them available for playback, or use the upload and streaming features to put your clips online.