Internal and External Keying

PLAYDECK supports both Internal and External Keying, given that the Output card supports it too. You can also output the key or fill signal seperatly.

Internal Keying

In internal keying mode, PLAYDECK will superimpose the graphics over an incoming signal:

External Keying

In external keying mode, PLAYDECK generates both fill and key signals and the keying is made by an external keyer:

Supported Devices

Please check your device specifications to ensure whether it support keying.

The following information is for Blackmagic cards, which are the most commonly used with PLAYDECK:

External Keying with Decklink Duo 2

Here is an example for External Keying with the Decklink Duo 2.

First you would need to combine 2 SDI Outputs into one connector with the Blackmagic Desktop Video App likes this:

In the Decklink 8K Pro, it looks a bit different:

After that a new keying option “external” becomes available within PLAYDECK:

And this would be the SDI output mapping for key and fill signal: