Install PLAYDECK on Amazon EC2

PLAYDECK supports most Amazon EC2 server instances and the NVidia GPU Power they provide. This allows you to setup a cloud based infrastructure for NDI transport or other purposes.

Quick start instruction

  1. Select the following EC2 image with pre-installed NVidia driver:
  2. As instance type select “g4dn.xlarge” – it is very capable performance-wise. It represents these server specification: 16 vCPUs (Intel Xeon), 64GB RAM, 1 vGPU (NVidia T4) with 16GB GPU RAM
  3. Start the EC2 instance and connect to it
  4. Allow browser downloads:
    START Menu > Server Manager > Local Server > IE Enhanced Security Configuration > Off
  5. Now download and install PLAYDECK as usual:
  6. Since NVidia driver are pre-installed, the GPU support in PLAYDECK will be enabled by default

Additional information

PLAYDECK can be installed on any Windows EC2 instance. Allthough GPU support isnt a requirement with PLAYDECK, it still is recommended for best performance. A list of all EC2 instances:

If you decide to go with a clean installation of an instance (without a preselected windows image), you need to install the NVidia driver manually like this:

PLAYDECK also supports a multi-user environment and saves licensed for the whole server instance.