Install PLAYDECK on Amazon EC2

PLAYDECK supports most Amazon EC2 server instances and the NVidia GPU Power they provide. This allows you to setup a cloud based infrastructure for NDI transport or other purposes.

Quick start instruction

  1. There is a quick start guide by Amazon, where you can also select your instance:
  2. A typical instance would be “Windows 2019 / g4dn.xlarge” – It has a Tesla Virtual NVidia GPU and enough specs to run PLAYDECK: 16 vCPUs (Intel Xeon), 64GB RAM, 1 vGPU (NVidia T4) with 16GB GPU RAM.
  3. Install the Instance, which will conclude in running it within Amazons EC2 instance manager.
  4. To connect to the instance via RDP you first have to open Port 3389 in the Instance Security Settings.
  5. Once connected, you find yourself unable to download anything via the Browser. Therefore enable Downloads like this: START Menu > Server Manager > Local Server > IE Enhanced Security Configuration > Off
  6. Now download and install PLAYDECK as usual:
  7. Since NVidia driver are pre-installed, the GPU support in PLAYDECK will be enabled by default

Additional information

PLAYDECK can be installed on any Windows EC2 instance. Allthough GPU support isnt a requirement with PLAYDECK, it still is recommended for best performance. A list of all EC2 instances:

If you decide to go with a clean installation of an instance (without a preselected windows image), you need to install the NVidia driver manually like this:

PLAYDECK also supports a multi-user environment and saves licensed for the whole server instance.