Applying Audio Delay

Let’s say you need to send your signal to an external mixer, where channels 1+2 are the original channels with video/audio lipsync. In addition channels 1+2 are duplicated to channels 3+4 and are send with an audio delay of 600ms. The mixer then can use channels 1+2 for regular small screens and streams, while channels 3+4 (together with video) are being used on a huge LCD screen with 600ms processing lag.

This is actually pretty fast to implement in PLAYDECK. Open the settings. First make sure your Playlist operates with 4 or more channels.

Next hop over to Audio Settings and enter the values likes this and press “Update Clips”.

The first Line “1,2,1,2” means, that you want to copy channels 1+2 to 3+4. The comma seperate the outgoing channels, while the numbers represent the input channels.

The next Line “adelay=0|0|500|500” means, that you want to use the “adelay” audio filter. The “|” sign seperates the channels, while the number is the delay in milli seconds.

Set per Clip

Both Settings can also be applied to indivual Clips, overwriting the Global Settings for this Clip. For this right-click any Clip and select:

You will find additional samples and a complete list of all options within those Clip Properties.

Set for Live Input

Audio Filter are also applied to any Live Input in the Playlist in the same way, you would do for Clips. This allows you to use PLAYDECK to pass-thru any signal and apply Audio Delay.

Set for complete Playlist

The Clip-method to apply Audio Delay has one significant disadvantage, if you work with a lot of Clips in a Playlist: If you have Audio at the End of the Clip within the Audio Delay Duration, that Audio will be cut of, when the new Clip starts playing. Luckily there is a Workaround for that, but this will utilize your 2nd Playlist.

First, we are going to tunnel Playlist 1 to Playlist 2 via NDI. This loop can also be setup via SDI.

First we move the Audio Delay from Playlist 1 to Playlist 2:

Then we enable NDI Output for Playlist 1.

And create a new Live Input for that NDI Channel.

Now add Live Input 1 to Playlist 2.