Easy Integration with Playback Remote Control

These days, this is almost standard on a production: various devices communicate with each other and are partially coordinated by a central control computer. PLAYDECK supports several remote-control options, which we’re constantly expanding:

Control via Keyboard or Elgato Streamdeck

Nearly every function on the PLAYDECK interface can be assigned with an individual keyboard shortcut. This means that frequently used commands can be executed with the touch of a key instead of a mouse click. And you can easily assign PLAYDECK with the same shortcuts from a previous editing program that you’re familiar with, so that you don’t have to get used to new shortcuts during first use.

So that different operators have their personal shortcut set quickly available on any PLAYDECK system, it can be exported and copied to any other PLAYDECK system. A PLAYDECK system can store any number of shortcut sets which can then be switched between with a simple mouse click.

And if you crave even more comfort, just use an Elgato Streamdeck with the stored shortcuts.

Control via Network Commands TCP/IP

If you want to integrate your PLAYDECK system into a real media control system, then you can easily use TCP commands for this. This way, you can automatically integrate PLAYDECK into a complex show process and control all functions from one central control computer. And if you use Universe Show Control as the media control system, PLAYDECK is already integrated into the device library for you.

Control via Tally Interface

The PLAYDECK built-in Auto-Cue feature allows you to play a full show with virtually no operator intervention. It is especially easy to start a clip when the start command is automated from the image mixer. PLAYDECK supports control over the tally jack from practically any video mixing console on the market. This requires a COM port on the PLAYDECK computer or an inexpensive USB interface.

Control Directly via Blackmagic Design ATEM Switcher

Now, Blackmagic Design devices are found almost everywhere in video production. In order to make the use of the Auto-Cue function particularly easy and comfortable for users of Blackmagic Design ATEM Video Switchers, your PLAYDECK system can easily be connected to your ATEM Switcher via the network. You only need to assign which input channel of the ATEM the two playout channels should react. As soon as the corresponding channel is switched on by your video operator, PLAYDECK starts playback almost instantaneously.