Thank you for your interest in PLAYDECK! We are convinced that with PLAYDECK you have found a software solution that will significantly increase your productivity when equipping live events, fan TV, theatre performances, TV broadcasting or virtual streaming events.

With PLAYDECK you can easily organize your media (videos, graphics, audio, live inputs and YouTube clips) to be played back in playlists. PLAYDECK supports almost all common codecs. Clips that are to be played back immediately one after the other form one playback block each. A finished playlist usually consists of several playback blocks. Two independent output channels are available for playback (from the Plus Version onward), for which you can set the output resolution, frame rate, color space, etc. separately. For example, you can play full-screen videos from channel 1, while animated lower-thirds with alpha channel are sent from channel 2. The output is either via dedicated playout cards (e.g. from Blackmagicdesign, AJA, Magewell, BlueFish444, Deltacast), via NDI or via a local output of the graphics card.

In the Studio Edition, an additional recording channel is also available. The recorded signal can be edited while the recording is still running (edit-while-ingest, e.g. highlight editing), played back with a time delay or streamed. For maximum flexibility you can choose from a wide range of different recording formats.