PLAYDECK does not start

or PLAYDECK does not load videos

If you cannot start PLAYDECK for any other reason, or if PLAYDECK starts but doesnt work at all (not loading any videos), please try one of the solutions below.

Do a clean install

If PLAYDECK indeed DID run ok before, and suddenly stopped working or cannot start, please reinstall PLAYDECK and select “Reset all settings” during the installation.

Missing user rights or missing files

Please perform a new installation of PLAYDECK under the Windows user account under which PLAYDECK will be used later. If this is not possible, please install PLAYDECK as Windows Administrator. You can then start PLAYDECK from any admin and user account. PLAYDECK supports multiple user accounts.

Antivirus software is blocking PLAYDECK

Please check that PLAYDECK is not blocked or blacklisted in your antivirus software. You may need to add PLAYDECK.exe as an exception to your antivirus software:
c:\Program Files (x86)\JoyEventMedia\Playdeck\Playdeck.exe

Unfortunately, our license protection system is sometimes recognized as false positive by some antivirus programs. We are in regular exchange with all major antivirus manufacturers, but we cannot always exclude such a false-positive finding.

Here is a scan of our Application and a list of compatible Anti Virus Software.

Windows Version Vista/7/8

PLAYDECK is not supported on older Windows Versions. Please use Windows 10 and 11 (32 or 64bit). Windows has ended official support for Windows 8 on Jan 2019.

Video Engine Error after Windows Sleep

This happens on some machines: Windows goes to Sleep (or Hibernation), and once it wakes up, PLAYDECK will not start and displays the Video Engine Error. You can try to install the GPU driver clean. If using NVidia, install the Studio driver and not the Game driver, as its more stable. Should this not work, you have to turn off Sleep/Hibernation.

Firewall is blocking access

PLAYDECK asks for firewall allowance during the first start. This looks like this:

If you accidently skipped this allowance, PLAYDECK may not work. You can later add this to your firewall manually:

Open Start Menu and start typing “firewall” and start “Firewall & network protection”.
Select “Allow an app through the firewall” and select “Change settings”.
Allow “JoyVideoEngine”. If not found, please add with “Allow another app..” and select
c:\Program Files (x86)\JoyEventMedia\Playdeck\engine\Win64\JoyVideoEngine.exe

PLAYDECK uses TCP Ports 15578-15581 to communicate with the above Video Engine.