Unable to start PLAYDECK

If you get the following message, or any other reason you cant PLAYDECK, please see below for solutions:

Missing user rights or missing files

You should re-install PLAYDECK with the current windows user, you are planning to use PLAYDECK with. If that fails, you should install PLAYDECK as windows administrator and use it from any admin/user account. PLAYDECK is windows multi-user supported and will use the license for all user on that system.

Antivirus software is blocking PLAYDECK

Please check, the PLAYDECK is not being listed as BLOCKED or BLACKLISTED by your antivirus software. It may be necessary to add the PLAYDECK executable as exception to your antivirus:
c:\Program Files (x86)\JoyEventMedia\Playdeck\Playdeck.exe

The reason behind this is, that our license protection system sometimes is recognized as “False Positive” by antivirus software. Allthough we are in touch we most major antivirus companies, this still can happen.

Windows Version Vista/7/8

PLAYDECK is not supported on older Windows Versions. Please use Windows 10 (32 or 64bit). Windows has ended official support for Windows 8 on Jan 2019.

Firewall is blocking access

PLAYDECK asks for firewall allowance during the first installation. This looks like this:

If you accidently skipped this allowance, PLAYDECK may not work. You can later add this to your firewall manually:

Open Start Menu and start typing “firewall” and start “Firewall & network protection”.
Select “Allow an app through the firewall” and select “Change settings”.
Allow “JoyVideoEngine”. If not found, please add with “Allow another app..” and select
c:\Program Files (x86)\JoyEventMedia\Playdeck\engine\Win64\JoyVideoEngine.exe